Toptracer Compatible Targeting

Instantly Make 
Your Range an Entertainment Center 
and State of the Art 
Training Center Simultaneously with Glowgear interactive Targeting and TopTracer scoring. Now you can drive a robust F&B operation for an affordable ROI. Create the ultimate small venue 'bowling alley' and 'bowling pins' that create the visual and gaming sizzle that make people pull their phones out and get insta-social because our course is so bright you can catch it with any phone.



The Glowgear modular target system is designed for facilities looking to leverage a food and beverage operation so as to take advantage of todays clear trend towards evening golf entertainment.

Modular targets are low profile so they can be compatible with all camera based and radar based scoring systems like TopTracer, Trackman and Flightscope.

With automated scoring you now can offer customers a complete 'Tee box to target' gaming experience that fits small venues of 10 to 40 bays.

evening driving range


With a full field of targets venues now have a bright, interactive experience that is strong enough to draw in customers like bees to honey. 



One of our primary strengths are that the targets are bright enough for customers to video and photograph with their cell phones. As a result a field of interactive targets becomes highly 'instagramable' and your primary vehicle for social marketing. It's truly a sight to see. People come to their bays, order a drink, then pull out their phone and show the world what they are doing. This is impossible with just a scoring system alone. and you will see it's a strong driver of word of mouth.



Most golf courses and ranges close in the winter, but with Glowgear driving range targets and scoring, venues can field a whole new market of customers who want a golf entertainment experience during the winter dark months. This means Canadian and northern US venues can become the new social hot spot. All you need are some heaters and your venue can experience significant traction during the holiday season.



With a full golf entertainment experience you can now generate revenue from bay rentals, food and beverage sales and best of all, special event bookings. This type of venue is snow perfect for birthday parties, corporate events and league play.

driving range lounge
Driving range targets



Never before has a range been able to book out two nights per week of league play where you have guaranteed business that can fill the early week slots. This foundational income becomes just one of the many reasons why a full tee box to target facility is a bankable investment for any range north or south, big market or small.



Only a few years ago the only way you could offer enough sizzle to move the dial and get people to come was with a full TopGolf RFID driven technology. Today with the combination of automated scoring and Glowgear range targets, this visual impact and customer experience is attainable to the small venue with an acceptable COG so that your venue can see 3-5 times return on your technology investment.

Toptracer range targets



Ask us about how we can create a custom field design that can integrate both targets and interactive greens. With out factory build targets we can design any shape with combinations of any colors so your venue stands out above the rest. 




Our patented bullseye and segmented targets have multiple scoring zones. In the bullseye players can hit the inside circle or the outside double rings and the target segments go off seperately. This is revolutionary. 

Our 9 zone segmented target design allows players to virtually play darts as they party and spend their entertainment dollars at your venue. 



Interactive driving range targetDart board golf target
Driving range target for golf range
30ft golf range target



Our patented control system integrates DMX controls so now you can control every target, every sensor quadrant and every light ring from a simple laptop at the clubhouse. 

If you want to put on a special event, you can change the colors and sounds with simple commands so that you customers are blown away when they see their custom course and then when they hit the targets to get their custom sounds. 




OThe truth is that with enough light, sound and interaction on the field and a fun, social, easy to play game at the tee line, our driving range can now generate the interest and sizzle to shoulder a robust golf entertainment offering never before available. 



to discuss how you want to move your range into the future with a fully automated and customizable gaming experience.  


Driving range targets