• April
  • 4th Wednesday
    Private Event - Southern California
    13th Friday
    US Kids Golf event, Williamsburg, VA.
    20-21st Friday - Saturday
    Cosmic Driving Range event - Arlington,TX
  • May
  • 4th, Friday
    YMCA fundraiser - Bridgemill Athletic and Golf Club, Atlanta
    11th-13th Thursday - Saturday
    Cosmic Driving Range and Target Golf Challenge- Clemson,,SC Clemson Golf Center
    18th - 19th Friday - Saturday
    Cosmic Driving Range and Target Golf Challenge Silver Lake Country Club - Orland Park, IL
    24th -26th Thursday - Saturday
    Cosmic Driving Range Launch Party - lakeview Golf Course Harrisonburg, VA
    27th - Sunday
    Private Event - Ballantyne Country Club - Charlotte,, NC
  • June
  • 6th, Wednesday
    Rivercrest - Ft. Worth, TX - Private Event
  • 15th, Friday
    Private Event - New Jersey
  • July
  • 3nd, Tuesday
    Private Event - Davenport IA
  • 21st, Saturday
    Private Event
  • August
  • 10th, 11th Friday -Saturday
    Cosmic Driving Range - Special Olympics - Menomonee Falls, WI
  • 25th, Saturday
    Private Event
  • September
  • 14th, Friday
    Private Event
  • October
  • 6-7, Friday & Saturday
    Private Event
  • November
  • 10th, Saturday
    Private Event

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