What is a Cosmic Driving Range?

The CDR driving range is equipped with glowing, interactive targets for all ages to enjoy golf. The luminescent smart targets provide a fun, entertaining experience along with breath-taking visuals players of all skill levels enjoy.

Entertaining, fun, and visually stunning

A great experience for all ages and skill levels

CDR is offered at special events and permanent locations

Targets are wireless and can be placed on land or water

Experience CDR

CDR is featured at special events and permanent installations throughout the world.


The intelligent targets are bright, durable and visually stunning when struck. Ranging in sizes from 15 feet to 100 feet in diameter, each target is built with specially formulated optical vinyl so they glow bright in the night.
Each target is equipped with a industrial smart lighting pod. These add the magical response of light and sound whenever a player hits the target with the golf ball. The pods are wireless and provide a complete array of color options.
Every element of the range can be customized including the targets, colors, sounds and scores. The simple mobile app allows the operators to make instant changes with a click of a button. Players also use their own version of the app to track scoring.


Priced just right for courses and companies of every size.


Boost your sales and attract new customers by offering an all-hours range experience.