TWO SYSTEMS TO CHOOSE FROM: Generate new revenue by turning your range
or course into a evening entertainment destination. We manufacture interactive
targets for mobile, seasonal and permanent use. Choose between our
Gen1 Targets that flash when hit or up level your facility with Gen2
Intelligent targets that respond with light and sound.


12ft TARGET & LIGHT PUCK: If you are a facility looking to put on special night
events the Gen1 is the affordable solution. The Gen1 'Flasher' puck runs for
6 hours and responds with light when hit. Combine this with our 12ft Structured
targets for multiple fun games and competitions. Targets are golf ball durable
and inflate in minutes.

GEN2 - 'BIG FIELD' - Wireless

12ft to 30ft TARGETS & SMART LIGHT: The patent pending Gen2 wireless system
allows you to create an interactive driving range with full sound and light.
Targets range from 12-50ft in diameter and custom solutions are available 

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Video Gallery

Here is a short history of past events and how we
developed today's Gen1 and Gen2 lighting 

Stay tuned for 2018

Horton Park Launch 2017

Event Testimonial 2017

Highlights 2017

Ft Worth July 4th

Drone Shot 2017

Aqua Targets


Interactive target skins are bright, durable and visually stunning in the day as well as the night. Ranging in sizes from 15 to 50ft in diameter, each target is made with optical skin that allows it to glow brightly in the night. Targets can accommodate numbers and sponsorship branding.

Sensor Lights

Each target is outfitted with the super bright - SmartCore sensor light that communicates with the clubhouse through it's wireless mesh network to create custom sound and light when hit with a ball.

Control System

Your field of targets are controlled by the clubhouse computer. Just download the program and begin designing your courses colors, lights and target sounds. Our system is so easy to use, you can change a targets sound from your phone.


Glowgear interactive targets are made in multiple grades for seasonal
or permanent installations. Contact us today to learn more about how
you can transform your range practice to golf entertainment


Let us produce the ultimate golf event for your members and guests. From the new night target golf and foot golf to our Sunset showdown to our over the top Cosmic Driving Range, we are able to put on events for every group size and budget. Let us help you determine the 'big light' sizzle you need to accomplish your entertaining goals.
In 2018, golf courses can now put on weekly night golf and foot golf events that generate needed revenue. Have us design a revenue building experience that we can either produce or have you take the reigns. Contact us for select rental or event packages


Golf balls go a long way so targets need to be big, tough and visually compelling both day and night. Our proprietary targets are made for permanent, seasonal or mobile solutions with either forced air or sealed air technologies so they can take the real world stresses of a range.
Each target light is equipped with our industrial smart lighting pod. With 24 watts and beyond of RGB light, these add the magical response of light and sound whenever a player hits the target with the golf ball. Best of all each smart pod wirelessly communicates with the clubhouse so you can change the light and sound from the convenience of the GM's office
Turning your range from bland to grand includes the ability of your customer to score and compete. We offer an affordable touch screen tablet for easy game play. If you want to go full tech wireless, we are proud to say we are the only interactive system in the world that works with every wireless scoring system in golf from Toptracer to Trackman to Flightscope and others. Now Golf entertainment dollars are at your doorstep with a complete tee box to target solution unmatched by anything else on the market.
Cosmic Bowling proved everyone likes mood light and not white light. So we combined our affordable mobile UV ball chargers with the best night golf ball on the market to create the GlowV1 range ball. Now players can hit sweet shots that streak through the sky so brightly their friends can pick it up on their phones and pass it around. This simple technology allows a range to turn off their white lights and turn on their targets to big savings and unmatched performance.


Boost your sales and attract new customers by offering an all-hours range experience. Finally a golf range can 'put a band on the stage' that will bring in new customers and have them wanting to come back. Give us a call to find out how we can retrofit your facility and bring it from bland to grand.